Liquid Feed

Liquid Feed by CATTLE-LAC

  • 35% PROTIEN!!!
  • CATTLE-LAC Liquid Cattle Feed is the preferred feed of leading Southwest farmers and ranchers.

CATTLE-LAC Liquid Cattle Feed is the CONSISTENT liquid feed. Our exclusive homogenizing process assures that the feed will stay mixed. CATTLE-LAC contains ONLY nutritious ingredients blended in pure cane “blackstrap” molasses. Believe it or not, other liquid feeds may contain gunky clay or other inert materials to give it artificial thickness, or to lower the price (adulteration). We use organic (natural) proteins in the proper balance with non-protein nitrogen to assure the highest utilization of feedstuffs. NO NEED TO WORRY CATTLE-LAC is formulated to eliminate urea toxicity. COMPARE TAGS! Take a close look at the protein and nutritional analysis among various feeds. Then you be the judge. You’ll find that CATTLE-LAC is outstanding in every category.
CATTLE-LAC Liquid Cattle Feed is the best overall VALUE! We GUARANTEE that CATTLE-LAC is the best value for your money when you compare tags and results.

Free choice feeding of CATTLE-LAC Liquid supplement will:

  • Stimulate appetite – which means get more dry matter into the cow.
  • Improve gain – which means heavier weights and more meat per acre.
  • Increase feed conversion – more beef on less grass.
  • Add more energy – improve efficiency – cheaper gains.
  • Stimulate rumen activity – Better performance, less sickness, ease weaning stress.
  • Improve meat quality – more dollars for your calf.
  • Supply chromium – helps prevent STRESS.


  • Require Less Labor
  • Less Waste
  • Better Nutrient Assimilation
  • Improved Fiber Digestion
  • Reduce Cost
  • Available 24 Hours a Day
  • Increased Protein Utilization
  • Has Available Amino Acids
  • Supplies Soluble Vitamins and Minerals
  • Supplies Chromium For Less Stress


  • Better fiber digestion
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Better protein (urea) utilization
  • Stimulates cattle appetite
  • More digestible nutrients
  • Greater stability
  • Reduced urinary calculi
  • Supplies available vitamins and minerals
  • Soluble amino acids and poly peptides
  • B vitamins to stimulate the rumen
  • 100% available phosphorous


  • Reduced costs: less labor, less feed waste
  • Higher calf crop and healthier calves
  • Maximum growth – cattle develop frame and feed capacity, not fat
  • Ease of weaning stress
  • Less shrinkage
  • Better overall health
  • Faster growing heifers
  • Less stress (chromium factor)
  • Better cow breeding
  • Rebreeds and conceives faster
  • Helps get cattle on feed, helps cattle stay on feed
  • More meat per acre

21 Reasons to Consider Year-Round Supplementation

  1. During summer (mid June, early September) range grasses are deficient in protein and need supplemental feeding.
  2. Feeding high protein supplement has been more profitable for cattle on range grasses in late summer than higher levels of a grain supplement in feeding comparisons.
  3. Mature pasture grass nutrition is inadequate, therefore reduces forage digestibility, DM intake, and milk production
  4. Grass is lower in nutrient value (protein) beginning about mid-June to early September and needs supplemental feeding.
  5. Feeding protein increases the digestibility of mature grasses.
  6. High protein supplements give the best response when forage is low in protein.
  7. Cows need a constant supply of protein from their diet for rumen bacterial growth that aids in rumen breakdown of forages.
  8. Growing animals need additional protein for muscle and organ development.
  9. Lactating cows require additional protein for milk synthesis.
  10. Rumen microbes need a source of nitrogen to maximize fiber digestion.
  11. If cattle gain and maintain weight through the summer and fall, the enter winter in better condition.
  12. Pays you dividends in the coming winter.
  13. Cattle-Lac products are nutritionally balanced to provide not only supplemental protein, but also vitamins and trace minerals.
  14. Good body condition in the winter depends on the nutritional program the previous summer.
  15. If one waits until Winter (Oct to Feb) to try to increase cow weight and body condition with a protein supplement, it is too late.
  16. You can’t always tell when forage quality has changed, but your cows know. It just makes sense to be sure supplements are always available to your herd.
  17. Your cows will only consume a supplement when they need it.
  18. Cattle need special care during Summer’s drought, grasses are depleted in protein, minerals, and vitamins.
  19. When for has less than 6 to 7 percent protein and less than 50 percent TDN, both consumption and nutrient content are low and supplemental needs are high.
  20. During drought conditions, as cattle heat up, performance levels drop and cattle tend to graze less as forage quality deteriorates.
  21. Customers tell us that they have 40-100 pound heavier weaning weights when they keep Cattle-Lac out year round.

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